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granite natural stone bracelet 12mm stone size available in 7.5 inch 8 inch and 8.5 inch wrist circumference handmade and designed by playhardlookdope healing benefits include grounding the sacral chakras and harmonizing unstable and unsure emotions ships for free until December twenty fifth


Granite Natural Stone Bracelet Gloss Finish

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Designer's Notes

Granite Stone is a balance of water and Earth, this allows the stone to create a harmony between unstable and unsure emotions. This exquisite stone also grounds the sacral chakras. Enjoy the many benefits of the accessory, brighten up your casual look and wear with a variety of other stones or all on it's own.

  • Made From Granite Natural Stone
  • Elastic Band
  • 12mm Size Stones
  • Granite Natural Stone is perfect for those who seek grounding in relationships and within
  • Perfect accent to any look
  • 100% Tarnish Free
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Handcrafted in Chelsea, NY

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