Black Tourmaline Tribal Ring


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Our Silver Handmade Stainless Steel Ring is accompanied by a stunning Black Tourmaline Center Piece Stone. This tribal accessory is engraved with a unique symmetrical design on both sides of the band. Catch the eyes of others while catching the reflection of light as this center stone is faceted for energy effect. Black Tourmaline is the most effective stone to protect against negative energies. This ancient stone is also historically known for detoxification and realigning the spinal column. More benefits include promoting a more relaxed attitude and encouraging objective neutrality with clear, rational thought process.

*** Lifetime Size Exchange Warranty***
It's highly suggested that you obtain your ring size prior to ordering. If you order an incorrect size, all of our rings are covered by a lifetime size exchange warranty. If your ring does not fit properly, please contact us directly Here. and we will provide instructions on how to obtain a new size.


  • Made in the U.S.A: From 316L High- Grade Stainless Steel
  • Band: 7.25mm
  • 100% Tarnish Free
  • Comfortable: Fits true to size
  • Safe: Engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology to break away and protect your finger
  • Breathable Channels: Promotes airflow to keep your finger dry and comfortable
  • *** Generally a size 10 Ring Should fit on at least one finger on either hand***

Accessorizing is more than a ring here, a bracelet there. It's more than just for special occasions. And it's damn sure more than a subtle wrist watch. Accessorizing is about expressing what your clothes cannot say, what your personality does not show and what your mouth dares to speak. And today, accessorizing is no longer just about adding to your wardrobe, it's about adding to your lifestyle.

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