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In support of Black Lives Matter, PlayHardLookDope will donate $20.00 from each "Unity" Gemstone Bracelet purchased to the Black Lives Matter Chapter in New York.

As injustices continue to burden the black community, the world felt a shift in humanity, rage, sadness and, relentlessness when footage surfaced of George Floyd being murdered by a police officer.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been present since 2013 but has recently become a revolution against racial inequalities and violent attacks and microaggressions on the black community. For many, these recent injustices feel shocking and can be hard to grasp, but for most, these injustices hit home and are all too familiar.

Black Lives Matter Charity "Unity" Bracelet

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Interracial couple and Small Business Owners, Ebony and Jon have experienced these painful recent injustices as both a couple from completely different racial backgrounds and as business partners. Navigating the economic downfall due to COVID-19 and protests due to the murder of George Floyd, this time has been difficult and at times, has felt hopeless for many.

PlayHardLookDope Founders

After participating in protests in New York, listening to communities and, soul searching, Founders Ebony and Jon felt unity was extremely important in order to fight the system and begin to heal. Wanting to create something tangible, symbolic and, everlasting, the pair felt honored to create the Black Lives Matter "Unity" Natural Gemstone Bracelet.

The Handmade Symbolic Black Lives Matter "Unity" Natural Gemstone Bracelet features the closed-fist symbol etched in Solid 925 Sterling Silver. This revolutionary symbol is centered between Onyx Gemstones (black) and Howlite Gemstones (white). The stones represent the contrast of race and each side coming together in this historical revolution. Both Gemstones also offer healing benefits such as; Protection, anxiety relief, and, harmonic balance.

Black Lives Matter Symbol

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