Rustic Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Rustic Brown Top Grain Leather Wrap Bracelet
Rustic Brown Top Grain Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Just shy of Minimalism. This Wristband is Handcrafted from top- grain leather, wraps twice around the wrist and experiences a beautiful patina over time. Style this Rustic Brown piece with any of your looks this season and create an effortless warm mood.

  • Made From 100% Top- Grain Leather, More Sustainable than Genuine Leather
  • Vegetable Tanning Process used
  • Free Size, Able to be wrapped multiple times
  • Snug, Adjustable Metal Clasp
  • Due to high quality of Top- Grain Leather, this accessory can be customized to fit but easily cutting off the access material
  • Perfect for simple outfit add- on
  • Unisex 
  • 100% Tarnish Free ( we do not recommend leather in water ) 
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Handcrafted in Chelsea, NY


Accessorizing is more than a ring here, a bracelet there. It's more than just for special occasions. And it's damn sure more than a subtle wrist watch. Accessorizing is about expressing what your clothes cannot say, what your personality does not show and what your mouth dares to speak. And today, accessorizing is no longer just about adding to your wardrobe, it's about adding to your lifestyle.

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