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12 Things You Need To Know About SUPIMA Cotton!

12 Things You Need To Know About SUPIMA Cotton!

If you are interested in upgrading your garments and home materials, you should consider SUPIMA cotton. 

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1. What is SUPIMA Cotton? 

SUPIMA Cotton is a form of cotton only grown in the United States, one which is a fraction of the total cotton supply chain but remains superior in quality and longevity nonetheless. 



2. Where is SUPIMA Cotton grown exclusively? 

SUPIMA cotton is only grown in the United States. It is exclusively grown in the Western and Southwestern states of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California. 



3. Why is SUPIMA Cotton more expensive than regular Cotton? 

SUPIMA cotton is more expensive than regular cotton because of the well-maintained supply chain and farming techniques. It is only grown in a few locations in the United States, the plants are scarce, so there is a limited supply compared to other types of cotton.

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The rarity and the high quality are what lend to the cost.

4. How is the SUPIMA Cotton supply chain sustainable? 

Real sustainability in a supply chain begins with the raw material, which is the cotton plant. The company only uses extra long staple cotton and relies on Forensic Science capabilities to authenticate the cotton at every point in the supply chain to ensure it is pure. Many of these sustainability efforts from SUPIMA cotton include using the Better Cotton Initiative and the US Cotton Trust Protocol. This ensures responsible farming practices that are independently verified and continually improve the farming process.



Many of the farming techniques used in this supply chain reduce water consumption, maintain soil integrity, and keep plants as healthy as possible while limiting the environmental footprint from the farming process. SUPIMA cotton also boasts GOTS certification. 

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5. What does GOTS certified mean? 

This is a leading processing standard for all organic fiber materials, including cotton. In order to receive the certification, textile products must contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers. All chemicals put into the farming process and into that organic fiber must also meet toxicological and environmental criteria. 

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6. How do you care for SUPIMA Cotton garments? 

If you purchase SUPIMA Cotton products, you want to care for them the same way you would care for other cotton garments. Because this particular trademarked fabric is unique, it gets better with time. Most generic cotton products wear out the more you use them and the more you wash them, but SUPIMA Cotton actually gets better the more you wear them and wash them. So you can throw them in the washing machine after wearing them for the day, and eventually, you will feel how the softness gets better and better.



The color will remain the same even if you don't invest in expensive, color-saving detergent because that is one of the figurative trademarks of this literal trademark.

7. SUPIMA Cotton represents less than 1% of the cotton grown worldwide; why? 

A big part of the exclusivity around SUPIMA Cotton is the fact that it's a rare, natural plant fiber. It's only grown on around 500 family-owned farms, and these farms have been passed down from one generation to the next. As such, the water conservation efforts and the health of the soil in which SUPIMA Cotton is grown have remained the same, in the trusted, caring hands of family farmers.

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The plant's rarity means it can't be produced in mass production environments. The sustainable farming techniques used for SUPIMA Cotton also limit the people willing to invest in the higher cost of maintaining good soil conditions and environmental integrity.

8. Why is SUPIMA Cotton softer & stronger?

SUPIMA cotton is stronger and softer than other cotton products because it is a luxury fiber.


All cotton comes from plants, but certain plants and specific farming techniques guarantee that users like yourself enjoy higher durability with their products. In that way, you not only get softer and stronger products, but you get a natural resiliency and a color that remains no matter how often you wear your garments. 

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Not all cotton products are the same. Regular cotton clothing comes from different species of plants. Most cotton plants worldwide produce fibers about 1 inch in length, but you get 1.5 inches in size with SUPIMA Cotton. These longer fibers are naturally softer and naturally stronger. Shorter fibers are converted into rough yarn that tends to split apart the more you wear it and get rough to the touch. But all garments and products made with SUPIMA Cotton have a higher resistance to pilling, so they last longer and feel better throughout their lifespan.

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9. How do I know if my garments are made with SUPIMA Cotton 

Brands that utilize SUPIMA Cotton always display that information on the label, at the store, or online. In most situations, a brand will include the fact that they use the special type of cotton in their garments directly on the product labels, but no matter what, brands will make it easy to find, so you always know when you are using a trusted source. 

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10. How is SUPIMA Cotton farmed? 

SUPIMA cotton is farmed with high-end technology. For starters, things like GPS are installed on tractors to navigate the cotton plants precisely. This minimizes damage and disruption during the farming process and ensures more plants are cultivated successfully.

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Soil monitors check the growing conditions of the plants alongside satellite technology. Together, these two farming methods reduce the environmental impact of SUPIMA Cotton farming while also ensuring every plant is grown in optimum conditions.

SUPIMA Cotton Crewneck Sweatshirt

11. What is the difference between SUPIMA Cotton & PIMA Cotton? 

SUPIMA Cotton is a superior staple cotton. Other types of cotton are often referred to based on the area where they are farmed, but they do not refer to the quality of the cotton at all. You might see things like PIMA cotton as an alternative, but this name does not, again, refer to any particular aspect of the cotton-like its quality, lifespan, texture, and so on. Instead, Pima cotton is just a generic term used for any type of extra long staple cotton.

In contrast, the SUPIMA Cotton name is an actual trademark, and it refers specifically to cotton products that are sourced within a license supply chain in a specific area. So, in this case, SUPIMA Cotton refers to a trademark that represents reliable quality, whereas Pima cotton just refers to generic cotton that is extra long.

12. Why should I buy SUPIMA Cotton products

There are dozens of reasons why you should buy SUPIMA Cotton. Still, the biggest reason is the sustainability of the farming techniques and their higher quality than regular cotton products.


SUPIMA Cotton offers longer cotton threads, so your garments will last longer. Longer threads from a different cotton plant also equal a more extended lifespan, so the more you wash and wear your SUPIMA Cotton, the softer it feels.


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