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  • Store front display
    Across the United States there are 28.8 million small businesses which account for 99.7% of all licensed businesses, a striking figure and one which makes clear the spread of such businesses. Yet, even with such popularity, one has to ask: what are the main reasons to shop at small businesses?
    5 reasons To Shop Small Business

    Posted on September 24 2019

    5 Reasons to Shop Small Businesses Across the United States, there are 28.8 million small businesses which account for 99.7% of all licensed businesses, a striking figure and one which...

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  • A Summer Well Spent
    This blog tells the story of Jon and Ebony (PHLD Founder and Creative Director) throughout their Summer of 2019. Shot in several locations, this beautiful blog highlights their upclose and personal moments the two shared in efforts to tell a deeper story about the loved Instagram personalities..
    A Summer Well Spent

    Posted on September 22 2019

    Those first few days before the temperature spikes, the rooftops open and brunch becomes a weekly ritual. Those days before beaches are filled and flights are booked, where outdoor plans...

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  • </"Caucasian-male-model-sitting-casually-wearing-natural-stone-accessories"/>
    Natural Stone bracelets have quickly become a way for men to express themselves or benefit personally whether they are leather wraps with natural beads embedded in them, stacked bracelets, or layered bracelets on one or more wrists. Picking the right design and the right stone is based on the properties and benefits afforded by the material and based on how you feel when you wear it. 
    How to Find Your Perfect Natural Stone Accessory.

    Posted on August 31 2019

      In this guide, we will look at an easy way to help you choose the perfect Natural Stone Accessory for your needs, wants and personality traits as well as...

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  • <img src="IMG_9033" alt="Male model wearing natural stone bracelets against a graffiti wall outside in Manhattan">
    Our stones are mined from quarries in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and Canada, and are extracted using a high-speed wire cutting system that ensures care, accuracy, and quality. The resulting stone is then moved to a processing plant where it is cut into slabs. Afterward, gang saws are used to cut through the stone while water controls the resulting dust. This process takes approximately two days. 
    Benefits and Uses of Natural Stones

    Posted on March 23 2019

    The Benefits and Uses of Natural Stones Those who love and understand natural stones are acutely aware that each stone has a set of properties that differentiates itself from others....

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  • interracial couple running together on the beach in Sarasota Florida female wearing pink bikini male wearing white shirt and pants
    The video you are about to watch is the Dopest Vacation Video Ever! We meant that. This video captures everything we wanted and so much more. It tells a beautiful story about love, teamwork, patience, dreams, and partnership. It gets very personal, then it shows a wild upside. Our Dopest friend Stephen created an incredible, emotional and fun story that takes you from the beginning to the end. ~ Welcome To Florida~
    W.T.F ( Welcome to Florida )

    Posted on February 21 2019

    W.T.F ( Welcome to Florida ) "I wouldn't want to be on this journey with anyone else" It was early November, we were very stressed but hopeful with Holiday season...

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  • African American female with shaved hair style wearing a black crop top sweater from Zara and black ripped jeans from TopShop. Caucasian model wearing black hoodie with blue jeans from TrueReligion displaying an assortment of gold stainless steel chains
    We braved the cold and raced against natural daylight to get the ” perfect shots ”. Enjoy this Dope video Stephen created for us and be on the lookout for more Dopeness!
    Behind The Scenes In Chinatown

    Posted on December 17 2018

    If you've been a part of the PHLD family, then you know we love coming up with new curated content for our Lifestyle Accessories Brand, newsletter and social media platforms...

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