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From Dull To Dope In 3 Steps

The Holidays are here and if you still don't have your wardrobe accessories for the season together yet, don't flip we've got you! Not all of us are fortunate enough enough to have that stylist eye, so we've come up with some tips on how to put together those themed looks that take you from Dull to Dope.

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Level Up and Learn About Top Grain Leather

Take a look at your belt, wallet or even your bracelet, chances are it probably says Genuine Leather and chances are you probably think it's of amazing quality, right? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you but there's levels to the leather game. Don't worry, by the end of this you'll have a new love and appreciation for Top Grain Leather.

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Meet The Brand Founder

Needing something new, Jon chose to completely re-brand his company into a unique mix of sustainable lifestyle statement pieces! Based in Manhattan, New York, PHLD is now a diverse lifestyle accessories brand and sold in Hotels such as " The Four Seasons Silicon Valley East Palo Alto" 

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