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  • <img src="IMG_9033" alt="Male model wearing natural stone bracelets against a graffiti wall outside in Manhattan">
    Our stones are mined from quarries in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and Canada, and are extracted using a high-speed wire cutting system that ensures care, accuracy, and quality. The resulting stone is then moved to a processing plant where it is cut into slabs. Afterward, gang saws are used to cut through the stone while water controls the resulting dust. This process takes approximately two days. 
    Benefits and Uses of Natural Stones

    Tue, Jun 25, 19

    The Benefits and Uses of Natural Stones Those who love and understand natural stones are acutely aware that each stone has a set of properties that differentiates itself from others....

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  • <img alt="male model wearing brown leather jacket and natural stone bracelets sitting on a motorcycle outside in Manhattan NY

    There are some stones that are more desirable than others. Here are a few we've seen worn and used the most recently by NFL Player Cam Newton, French DJ David Guetta, Soccer Player David Beckham, Actor Johnny Depp and Hip- Hop Mogul P. Diddy!

    Natural Stones & Fashion Multitasking

    Tue, Jun 25, 19

    If you're new to wearing Natural Stones, have always worn them or just want to know more about how and why they work and if all the hoop- la is...

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