PlayHardLookDope is a lifestyle Jewelry Brand with an emphasis on the lifestyle! Based in New York, the catchy name represents the founder's personality, style, and passion for all things Dope, sustainable and accessible. For all jewelry lovers, PlayHardLookDope designs lifestyle jewelry using sustainable, quality, natural and cruelty-free elements.

Founded in 2017, PlayHardLookDope proudly produces every product by hand with love and excitement for the journey it will travel. This allows us the confidence needed to guide each customer through their Dopification process!

Since it's inception, PlayHardLookDope has styled everyday New Yorkers, Tourists, Musicians, Actors, Business Man, TV hosts and everything in between with their quality Metal, Leather, Natural Gemstone and, Sterling Silver Jewelry.

PlayHardLookDope has most recently had the honor of designing the Silver Bullet Necklace worn by Dharon E. Jones who plays (Riff) on Broadway's Westside Story. Featured in the New Yorker, the Bullet Necklace has become the debut actor's favorite. Other members of the cast are also accessorized in the New York Jewelry Brand.

PlayHardLookDope debuted their collection at the 2019 Grand Central Holiday Fair giving the brand an amazing chance to showcase their quality jewelry while meeting new customers.

The Lifestyle Jewelry Brand has made its entire collection available online adding lifestyle photos to help visualize style and feel. With growing support, PlayHardLookDope offers custom jewelry for any occasion through its online store and social media platforms.

Photography: Stephen Mihalchik. 

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