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The Next Generation Of Modern Gemstone & Lifestyle Jewelry

PHLD is a boutique brand based in the heart of NYC dedicated to designing beautiful lifestyle jewelry & quality leisure apparel for Women & Men.

As Seen In

Faceted Mookaite

The Mesmerizing faceted gemstone from Australia offers more than its physical beauty.

Glow In The Dark

Yooperlite is here. Discover this one of a kind Gemstone.

THE Lookbook

Need Inspiration?

Discover our jewelry lookbook featuring editorial looks styled with our sustainable jewelry.

Curated Looks

Discover our curated looks designed for your inspiration and style needs.

The Original

Water Resistant Jewelry

We're not new to this we're true to this.

90's Style

Our Mini Gemstone Necklaces

Pair well with this 90's Style Look


You're A ShowStopper!

So accessorize like one! Discover Our Showstopper Collection!

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Quiet Luxury

Luxurious Gemstone Jewelry you can wear every day.

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Shop designs at a reduced price for a limited time.

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45 1st Ave New York, NY 10003 Between East 2nd & East 3rd Street

Manhattan's Lower East Side a place where style & restaurant's co exist creating a dope vibe for all.


PlayHardLookDope X VOGUE

PlayHardLookDope X VOGUE

By John Nelsen

PlayHardLookDope is proud to be featured in VOGUE but, we are even more proud to represent individuality & self expression through accessorizing with beautiful jewelry.

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PHLD Featured In The Westchester Magazine

PHLD Featured In The Westchester Magazine

By Ebony Mackey

Despite the fall of brick-and-motar sales during COVID, The Westchester underwent a brand-new facelift, adding many exciting stores.

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Blog posts

How to Cleanse & Care for Your Gemstones & Crystals

How to Cleanse & Care for Your Gemstones & Crystals

In many cases, gemstones and crystals need cleansing. There are a few exceptions to this, such as malachite and selenite, which clean themselves, although, should you spill something sticky on...

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Quiet Luxury Gemstone Edition

Quiet Luxury Gemstone Edition

You might have seen the “quiet luxury” on Instagram feeds or splashed across the winter 2023 Runway ads. But what does it all mean? Quiet luxury is a new-age phenomenon...

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