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Quiet Luxury Gemstone Edition

Quiet Luxury Gemstone Edition

You might have seen the “quiet luxury” on Instagram feeds or splashed across the winter 2023 Runway ads. But what does it all mean?

Quiet luxury is a new-age phenomenon that focuses on minimalism while still ensuring that each item purchased is a strong investment. So is there such a thing as quiet luxury gemstones?

What Constitutes Luxury? 

A luxury item is defined as any item that is strongly desirable in a given society but isn't something that anyone needs to live. Luxury goods can increase alongside wealth and represent significant Investments for many people.

Luxury items are usually expensive and can apply to any type of product or service. There aren't specific qualifications relating to luxury other than it has to be something that you don't need to live.

However, within specific fields, there might be socially acceptable qualifications for luxury, like specific types of fabrics when it comes to luxury clothing or specific services required for a luxury resort. 

What Is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet luxury refers to expensive items that aren't conspicuous but still convey luxury. Where regular materials are concerned, quiet luxury doesn't have large logos but instead relies on things unique to the brand, like small details in the stitching, the cut, or the material that one would easily recognize and identify with that brand. 

Can Quiet Luxury Exist in the Jewelry World? 

Can quiet luxury exist in the jewelry world? Absolutely. The quiet luxury of the fashion world has made its way into gemstones. 

  • Quiet luxury takes the form of the best paired-down elegance of essential gemstones.
  • It does away with conspicuous monograms and keeps jewelry simple but elegant.
  • With quiet luxury, you'll notice only small details to your gemstones that only someone very familiar with the world of gemstones would recognize.
  • It works well with a low-key style of dressing that is simple but fashionable.
  • Quiet luxury gemstones embody exclusive minimalism.

Quiet luxury jewelry is designed to effortlessly complement minimalist clothing. These pieces are subdued and timeless in craftsmanship, providing a high-end approach to the overall style. 

What Are 3 Loud Luxury Jewelry Brands? 

Understanding the subtle nature behind quiet luxury, you might wonder about the opposite: loud luxury. 

There are several loud luxury jewelry brands but the top three are considered:

  1. Cartier
  2. Tiffany
  3. David Yurman

These are considered “loud luxury” because they are so identifiable, so loud, and ostentatious. Moreover, they are worn by a much larger group of people than they were 15 or 20 yrs ago, which means they do not contribute to the subdued and timeless nature of quiet luxury. 

What Are the Top Quiet Luxury Gemstones?

If you want something that is the exact opposite of a boisterous and ever-present piece of jewelry, then you need to seek out the top quiet luxury gemstones:

  1. Burmese Jade
  2. Malachite
  3. Aquamarine
  4. Ruby Sapphire
  5. Ruby Zoisite 

Burmese Jade

Burmese Jade is one of the most highly valued gemstones around the world, known for its stunning green shades, unique stone variations, and powerful healing benefits. It is one of the most prized gemstones throughout the East, known for its translucency, deep green color, and lustrous shine. In ancient China, it was the most sought-after gemstone in the world.


Malachite is a similarly popular choice among quiet luxury gemstones because of its effervescent striking green colors. You can find malachite with several shades of dark green and bright green. Known for its healing properties, malachite jewelry can be worn in several forms, but malachite gemstones can also be incorporated into statues and other items for display in your home or office.


Aquamarine is the epitome of quiet luxury. The stones are often heavily translucent with stunning shades of, as the name suggests, aquamarine. Looking into an aquamarine gemstone will have you picturing the Mediterranean Sea juxtaposed by white, sandy beaches. Ancient Egyptians wore aquamarine to provide everlasting life, and Roman soldiers carried them for smooth sailing. You can find anywhere from light green to deep blue hues, but turquoise is the most popular.

Ruby Sapphire

These stunning gemstones offer a combination of ruby stones and sapphire stones, offering a unique hue that is subtle, powerful and works well with any timeless fashion. Ruby and Sapphire gemstones work well together in providing a shield against negative emotions while encouraging motivation and improving self-acceptance. 

Ruby Zoisite 

Ruby Zoisite, sometimes called Anyolite, is a unique combination of red and green because it is a combination of ruby stones and zoisite stones. These gemstones are understated with a truly striking appearance. More often than not, what you'll find is a traditional red ruby inside of the green zoisite.

How Do I Know if a Jewelry Brand is Considered ‘Quiet Luxury’? 

There are several ways that you can determine whether a jewelry brand is considered quiet luxury:

  • Cost
  • Branding
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Quality of Gemstones
  • Limited Availability 


First is the cost. Luxury items are meant to be expensive because they are something that you purchase as your wealth and income increase. However, it won't be expensive just for the sake of being expensive. Fine jewelry doesn't need to be exorbitant in order to qualify as a good investment. The cost should reflect the actual value of the gemstones.


You also want to consider branding. Quiet luxury shouldn't market the brand more than the gemstones. You should find a company that is reputable but doesn't cover all of its products with a monogram or a label.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is essential. Look for companies that have established themselves, have been around for several years, and have 

Quality of Gemstones

Gemstones should be mined from ethically sourced locations and be high quality. Good brands will be upfront about the origin of the gemstones and the quality and cut for each piece of jewelry.

Moreover, quiet luxury means the gemstones and the jewelry into which the gemstones are crafted prioritize craftsmanship and quality in a subtle and understated way. There might be a luxury price tag, but the quality of the gemstones should be the highlight of the jewelry. You want to work with good brands that utilize things like vertically integrated companies. 

Limited Availability 

Mass production is often an indication that something is far from luxurious. As such, limited availability is often an indication that something is a luxury item.

Can Quiet Luxury Gemstones be an Investment?

Absolutely. There are several quiet luxury gemstones that would serve well as Investments, particularly those that use rare gemstones or unique colors within that family of gemstones. Any type of timeless craftsmanship, like simple gemstone bracelets or necklaces, is likely to continue gaining value as an investment.

Quiet luxury gemstones should be sustainable. While historically, the luxury jewelry market was primarily to do with diamonds, today, consumers are looking more toward handcrafted, Timeless fine jewelry that involves unique gemstones.

Why Should I Shop for Quiet Luxury Gemstones?

Quiet luxury gemstones give you a way to complement any high-end, minimalist clothing you have. These gemstones can provide a minimalist version of elegance that works well in a multitude of situations, including the workplace, social events, formal dinners, or casual nights out.

For some people, quiet luxury gemstones bring several healing benefits that are highly sought after, and having a minimalist piece of jewelry can provide an opportunity to capitalize on those healing benefits and holistic properties no matter the outfit or occasion.

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