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Don't buy from them if you're not from the US, you will have to pay 66$ of additional fees. They told me i would get a refund but never did (because they refuse the return of my package)

Please stop making inaccurate accusations! We have been back and fourth with you privately through email. WE ARE NOT SCAMMERS! Your statements are completely false. For the last time. WE DID NOT CHARGE YOU! YOUR COUNTRY (CANADA) IS CHARGING YOU DUTIES! We are in communication with UPS who is trying to charge US to take your order back which is absurd! For you to stoop so low and call us SCAMMERS after we've been in constant contact with you just to try and tarnish our name is shameful. You should be ashamed of yourself. We are wasting our time trying to figure out this situation and why your country chooses to charge its citizens.

If you cant understand the purpose of a 'product review' it is to REVIEW THE PRODUCT! You are totally out of line calling us scammers and have zero grounds to stand on. We are trying to figure out this situation and not have to pay for something we are not at fault for.

WE PAID $25 to ship your order! And now we're supposed to pay $38.03 to take it back because YOU don't want to accept your GOVERNMENT'S LOUSY policy.


I Like My Steel Gloss Cross! Another Piece to My Collection! I Like the design, Not the standard look. The Overall status of this piece is Satisfaction.....Quality, Customer Svc. and Ownership. Jon & Ebony are Passionate n Stand True about Their Brand!! Look forward to Collecting More 'DOPE'

Tiger eye

...very stylish & affordable👍👍👍

Stones & Service - 2 for 2

I ordered a second bracelet from PHLD because I loved the garnet beads I got and wanted to add bloodstones to my wrist. The store is adjusting the length for me at no additional cost. I really enjoyed meeting the owners this time around!


Absolutely love my bracelets I wear them everyday. Good quality stuff for a great price also! Not to mention you guys are fabulous !

Great quality

This was a gift for my husband and he loved it! It's great quality 

It was a gift

This gift was definitely appreciated.


The Hematite stone is Chic!! It has a Unique Tintlike shine tht Fits rite in with some if My Other braclts tht I've ordered from Jon & Ebony!!🔥 I Don't Own A Pc. Of Their Jewelry tht I Havnt Liked!! Tht says Alot, bc I Like wht I Like!! My Whole Collection L'ookD'ope!!


I Luv It!! The Chalcedony Stone is 🔥!! I'm considern getn the Bigr Stone braclt!!!😏 This Stone, if the Same Color & Gloss emulates in the Largr size, It Will be added to My Collection!! I've gottn at least a Dozn Pcs. Of Jon & Ebony Jewelry....Nver Disappoints!!!

Gorgeous Investment

The Blue Lava Bead Bracelet is stunning and it Looks amazing with my Silver bangles.

Valentine's Day Gift

My lovely was very pleased with the quality, fit was spot on, and she liked how it had a little weight...didn't feel fake or like plastic! She thought the color was great. She hinted that it would be nice to have a few different colors to wear together...guess I'll be buying more. She has small wrists so I got her a size 7.

Worth the wait

Absolutely satisfied most professional company out there. Jon was great and certainly won my loyalty and recommendations. Best of luck to them

Have not received bracelet. Is it lost in the mail??

Garnet beaded bracelet

I needed a winter amulet so I chose my Dad’s birthstone. The PHLD ad caught my attention because their bracelets are just garnet beads without any extras. They also offered different sized beads and bracelet lengths. Now I have my own garnet beads to fight the melancholy of winter.

Took the Win

Well this one pretty much just nailed it, first impression 10/10 , weight 10/10 for a little bracelet like this heavy as f***, shine like looking at a puddle of mercury 10/10. BEAUTIFUL.


It was a gift for my bf. He mentioned liking it and wanting something to absorb negative energy. He was so surprised and thankful. He loved it!!

Great product

Genuine leather and stones, clasp works very smooth, just plain awesome. At first sight you can see they took their time into making a quality product. UPS Sucked took over 8 days after PHLD took about 5 to make my product, so a total of 13 days to receive my product. But is all good quality is great. Will definitely buy again but with a delivery expectancy of 2 weeks.

Blue Tigers Eye Gemstone Bracelet

The quality is great, the rubber band is very sturdy, when I first analyzed the gem stones I was a little disappointed that about 5 stones had small imperfection but as the more I wore it and looked at it the more I felt in love with it now I don't look at it as imperfections but as uniqueness to my bracelet. Looking forward to ordering more.


You can really notice that the stone is very authentic and real. Hopefully one day you guys will have the stone of topaz

Dope Bracelet!!!

If I could, I would give my bracelet 10 stars!!! It beautifully compliments my skin, I’ve been getting quite a few compliments. I will be buying more in the VERY near future!!! ♥️💯

Love the ring.... thanks

LOVE this bracelet only thing is I wish the stones were a little larger. It was shipped out immediately which is another good thing. Will definitely be ordering a couple more. Can’t wait!!

Still haven’t received

Still haven’t received and ordered weeks ago

Hi there, we apologize for this awful delay. The United States Post Office has failed to provide its customers with good service. Not surprised by this, but we do understand your frustration. Once we ship your order, our hands are tied and we can only see what you see. We do apologize for this and agree that it is completely unacceptable. What you can do is put a tracer on your package for further detail. This sometimes forces the post office to be more efficient. We do hope that when you receive your package, you write us a review on the product instead of the lack of professionalism and efficiency of the Post Office. Here's a link.

Not received

Order was not yet received and I payed for 1 day shipping, I would like to discuss my refund options on my extra shipping.

Hi Yadira,

We apologize that your package is running late by the USPS. We contacted them for you & they claim they have been crushed by Holiday Shipping & COVID. Apparently millions of packages are running late. I agree that they should issue you a refund. We ship using whatever preference our clients choose, though UPS is by far more efficient than the Post Office (I’m guessing that’s also why the vaccine was not shipped by the Government, themselves, through the Post Office). That said, our hands are tied as to refunds from the shipping company & you should contact them about their delayed delivery. For your troubles, we would like to offer you a discount code off your next purchase from PlayHardLookDope of 20%. Again, we apologize for the ineptitude of the USPS.

Thanks, Cole