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Bigger Than I Thought

I ordered the Big Boss Cross to replace my fiancé's necklace I broke. This is similar in nature (silver chain and cross) but my oh my what a a good way. The picture doesn't do it any justice AT ALL! Stylish and classic. It's a lovely piece and he loves it!!

High-End quality

Great product, great quality and great service.

Excellent product

High quality gemstones. Will be buying more soon.

Bracelet Review Update

As a customer, I had a great experience with service over the phone and in person. I was provided with a brand new bracelet after the band in the last one snapped, and this time I've been given a bigger size in the bracelet, at no added cost, to avoid a recurrence, and it's been a better fit. The guy helping to run the show is a delight, and so is the girl, although my experience is mainly with him. I'm now a happy repeat customer! Thank you!


Just as pictured and fast delivery


The stones are of high quality, great fit. I get tons of compliments on it. Thank you Jon and Ebony for your beautiful jewelry!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Very satisfied

Im.super pleased. It has a nice weight to it. And the quality is there. The packaging is perfect for gift giving. Good job guys! I'll be back shopping for the fellas in my life

Nice, But With Issues

Bracelet is attractive and well-made, but a) it is a little tight, and my wrist is of average size and b) there is very little variation in tiger eye bead color


The smaller size could have at least 4 more stones

Love it

This wonderful piece fit my brother's wrist perfectly. The black and sliver combination gave off a more sophisticated look but can so be sporty with different outfits. 😍

watermelon tourmaline natural gemstone bracelet

Loving my tourmaline watermelon natural gemstone bracelet

Great well made products.

Thanks for your service. Highly responsive team. Bracelets are well engineered with rugged simplicity. Thank you.

Looks great!

Raw Black Tourmaline Bracelet

So, this raw and powerful piece had me feeling sick with a migraine and relentlessly vomiting soon after wearing it for a few hours only; it took me a few days to recover, and I felt depleted the first day in particular. Please note, I’m sensitive to crystals and or stones, and this was my first time wearing a raw piece like this. It was certainly doing its job to help me detox, but I sensed some negativity, felt heaviness while wearing and near it, and figured the bracelet needed a proper cleaning due to maybe absorbing ill things while on its way to me. It felt tainted, and I couldn't wear it comfortably until I thoroughly cleansed it. I'd say a worthwhile purchase, although sensitive wearers should be mindful of this potential experience. My one complaint would be the bracelet band or string not holding up; it's been a short while since I've had it, and it's thinning and becoming undone, proving to lack durability. The overall product is of good quality, but the band or string needs improvement. Assistance with a replacement band or string, a.s.a.p. given the cost of the product and the quickness in which this has occurred, would be greatly appreciated.


love the bracelet - it's perfect and the high quality is what I was looking for! Hard to fine quality these days


The bracelet is striking, bold and beautiful. The gem stones speak powerfully and ride smoothly on my wrist.

Tourmaline Bracelet

I'm very impressed with the quality of this bracelet. It looks and fits great. I highly recommend it!

Cable Wire Nail Bracelet
Nicole Norr Nema

Cable Wire Nail Bracelet

Loveeeeee it....

The bracelets were a perfect fit! I particularly appreciate the rose quartz. It arrived at perfect time since pink is the color for October to commemorate cancer awareness month Breast Cancer Awareness month! Thank you for the exchange!

Onyx Natural Gemstone Centerpiece Bracelet

The Pirate Necklace
Rafael Lewis
As advertised.

Dope. ‘Nuff

Great Stones with Timely Delivery

From the time I submitted my order request, Play Hard Look Dope provided outstanding-personable service.
They confirmed my size and set expectations on my delivery time.
I can’t wait to order from them again!