Alt= Jon Nelsen PlayHardLookDope

PlayHardLookDope was founded in early 2017 by its CEO, Jon Nelsen. Jon's venture prior to PHLD was to start Our Name Is Mud and sell it a few years later. Our Name Is Mud was a widely successful retail company with its products sold in over 9,000 retail locations throughout the USA and Canada. Jon always had a passion for creation. After the successful sale of Our Name is Mud, Jon dove into his passion for Jewelry designing and wearable art. Frustration with the lack of Men's and Unisex Jewelry in the fashion industry, Jon focused his energy on filling what he describes as a "void in wearable and affordable jewelry art". Three years later, Jon's passion has been shown through his Sustainable, Handmade Lifestyle Jewelry Brand Based in New York City! Specializing in Natural Gemstone Jewelry, PlayHardLookDope has curated a following of locals and international tourists alike, all whom enjoy the exquisite creations made with Dopeness.