Obsidian Snowflake Natural Stone Bracelet


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      Obsidian Snowflake Natural Stone holds great inner power. Obsidian Snowflake is known for its metaphysical properties that help cleanse your mind from heavy and negative thoughts. With its Volcanic origin, this spiritual stone naturally draws emotions to the surface using the Base Chakra. Beautifully and uniquely designed with a mix of black, grey and white tones, this accessory offers more than just it's healing properties. Available in (8mm) and (10mm) stones (see the second photo for size chart). Choose from your desired wrist size. Need a larger wrist size? We can make the perfect size for you inquire Here. Lifetime Care Guaranteed! (Bracelet in the photo is 10mm, 7.5'')


      Made From Obsidian Snowflake Natural Stone

      Soft Steel Jewelry Cord (same color) ( Stretches similar to elastic, but more sustainable)

      100% Ethically Sourced Natural Stones, Tarnish Free

      Lifetime Care Guaranteed

      Handcrafted in the U.S.A.


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