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How to Find Your Perfect Natural Stone Accessory.


In this guide, we will look at an easy way to help you choose the perfect Natural Stone Accessory for your needs, wants and personality traits as well as show you how your intuition plays a huge role in helping you naturally choose the perfect Stone for you.

Let's Get Started!

Natural Stone bracelets have quickly become a way for Men & Women to express themselves or benefit personally whether they are leather wraps with natural beads embedded in them, stacked bracelets, or layered bracelets on one or more wrists. Picking the right design and the right stone is based on the properties and benefits afforded by the material and based on how you feel when you wear it. Different natural stones have metaphysical energies within them and have been used by ancient spiritual Healers, so finding and wearing different bracelets it's not just an aesthetic endeavor but one that draws you in and gives you the enchantment you seek.

Let Your Intuition Choose for You.

</img src=IMG_0012.JPG" alt="caucasian-male-standing-facing-backwards-on-the-beach-pleacing-his-hands-behind-his-head-wearing-natural-stone-bracelets"/>

When gemstones or natural stones stand out to you, that is your intuition letting you know which stones are going to be most helpful for you, which stones hold the energies and the aesthetic appeal that you want.

  • Men's Natural Stone bracelets can come from many sources including tiger eye, black obsidian, lapis lazuli, black onyx, and lava rock. 
  • There are richer more colorful stones out there like Agate and Jasper which can be found in all manners of green, red, blue, and brown hues. 
  • And then there are the translucent natural stones such as quartz crystals.

Choose by Attraction/ Metaphysically 

Woman wearing Chalcedony Gemstone Bracelet Stack.

Metaphysical meaning for each of these natural stones simply refers to that gut feeling, the emotion that you derive from the stones. The rich Jasper bracelet that catches your eye could give you a sense of grounding, another tiger eye bracelet could fill you with Inner strength, while a bracelet of lapis lazuli gives you self-confidence or truthfulness.

Protection stones are aesthetically appealing and have been used by men in ancient cultures as a protective amulet. You’ll recall that the Ancient Celts wore bracelets to protect against sword attacks, for example. Some of these protection stones include lava rocks, Onyx beads, and tiger eye. Those same protective stones are used today commonly for the same purposes, be it inner or outer protection.

How to Wear Your Stones

</img src="IMG_9913.JPG" alt="Male-wearing-natural-stone-bracelets"/>

Some men prefer to wear natural stone bracelets with their watch, stacking all of the accessories in one place. Others prefer to stack multiple bracelets on both wrists or single out one wrist over the other. Different natural stones contain energies and powers that might benefit you more when worn on your left or right wrist, but this is a decision entirely up to you and how you feel. Colorful stones like blue tiger eye, white howlite, or blue lapis lazuli, even the blood-red garnet might fill you with more power when worn on your left or right wrist. Turquoise or black onyx can give you benefits by interacting with the energy in your body again when worn on both wrists and perhaps on one over the other.

  •  Stones worn on the left wrist bring metaphysical energy into your body.
  • Stones worn on the right wrist give off metaphysical energy from within your body.

Male wearing Jade and Chrysocolla Gemstone Bracelets.

So, consider what it is you wish to achieve aside from the aesthetic appeal of these men’s accessories. For example, golden tiger eye and black onyx are protective stones that are meant to protect you against negative energy whether it is internal negative thoughts, negative experiences, or even negative people. That said they can be worn on the right wrist to help prevent negative experiences or from people affecting you. But they can also be worn on the left wrist to remove negative energy thoughts and disperse them. Uncovering the purpose of the Natural Stone bracelets you choose for your male fashion accessories can help you determine whether to wear them on the left or right wrist next time you put them on.

How to Pair your Natural Stones

Male wearing Blue Bracelet Stack.

There are many ways to pair bracelets together. You can choose, as mentioned, pairings based on purpose, protective features, energies, size, shape, or colors. The green apatite gemstone, for example, can be paired with a faceted tiger eye bracelet. The rich lapis lazuli men’s bracelet is beautifully mixed with black onyx or tourmaline bracelets for male strength and meditation. 

Male wearing Pastel Gemstone Bracelet Stack.

Red tiger eye brings to the forefront a combination of blacks, burgundies, and rich hues in between which pairs well with Lapis Lazuli, or seraphine moonstone bracelets to complete the black and white juxtaposition. A Picasso jasper bracelet offers a rainbow of color which can be mixed with natural stone bracelets of monochromatic design which highlight some of the rainbow. Rich pyrite for protection mixes well with Red Tiger eye. Snowflake obsidian mixtures are complemented by lapis lazuli while moss agate stones mix well when worn with apatite gemstones or the red and brown Tiger Eye Shamballa designs. 


The thinner labradorite stones make for great fashion accessories when set against white howlite natural stones or natural orange agate hues. The white howlite or any other white stones are paired well with thicker bands of malachite, with its verdant textures. Light grey moonstones pair well with white moonstones, as well as navy lapis stones or lighter iolite stones. Thinner garnet stones, the birthstone for January, pairs well with moonstones and tourmaline quartz.

Woman wearing two Chalcedony Bracelets


Overall, bracelets have maintained popularity as a staple in men's jewelry. They have been integrated widely into society at every level used by those at the highest levels to convey wealth and success, used for military purpose is to convey appointments and promotions or as an amulet of protection, and worn by men and women for simple day to day accessories. At this point in time, fashion trends indicate the demand for male jewelry will only continue upwards and the variety of Natural Stone bracelets afforded to men are sure to appeal to every form of self-expression. No longer are men forced to sit on the sidelines. The idea of accessorizing for various activities during the day and at night as well as the notion of unisex jewelry that capitalizes upon different natural stones and gems are quickly becoming mainstream.


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