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<img alt="male model wearing brown leather jacket and natural stone bracelets sitting on a motorcycle outside in Manhattan NY

Natural Stones & Fashion Multitasking

Man wearing three Natural Stone Bracelets

If you're new to wearing Natural Stones, have always worn them or just want to know more about how and why they work and if all the hoop- la is true, then get comfortable and read on!

We've all heard the sayings about knowing your past helps to understand your future, well, that holds truth to many things including the topic of this discussion. So let's take it back a bit, but first.

Obama Saying What? Giphy

What are Natural Stones Exactly? 

Natural Stones come from combinations of heat and pressure over millions of years. As the Earth's crust began to grow and erode this pushed up minerals that formed deposits and stones, also known as quarries! Make sense? Good!

Natural Stone Bracelets Displayed on Hand in Fall Scenery

Now Back to our quick History lesson!

Did you know that Ancient Egyptian Civilizations were the first to extensively gather and use Natural Stone for building, medicine and decorative purpose? This bit of history helps to understand this phenomenon that's used for many different purposes. The Ancient Egyptians Found Natural Stones to be healing and beautiful, it's no wonder these powerful beliefs and practices have continued to be used in modern fashion and holistic healing.

Natural Stones In Water

So, How do Natural Stones Transfer Energy?

There's no Superpower magic trick going on here, but it is pretty fascinating how stones transfer their powers on to us. Hopefully you're a fan of science because that's the only way to explain the fashionable accessory, how it transfers and can literally send positive vibes! 

On a cellular level our bodies and Natural Stones are both made up of Mineral- Silicon- Dioxide. Because of this we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of the stones as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. So when stones are placed directly on your body they have a powerful vibratory effect that moves from the stone to you! Whew! Are you amazed? Better yet are you still there?... Good! 

Let's Get to the Fashion!

Man in fashionable suit wearing Natural Stone Bracelets

Now that you understand the history of stones, where they come from and how their energies transfer to you, lets talk about why you should wear them and have fun dressing up your look while feeling good doing it!

First things first! What are the most Popular & Fashionable Stones?

Like with anything in fashion, there are some stones that are more desirable than others. Here are a few we've seen worn recently by NFL Player Cam Newton, French DJ David Guetta, Soccer Player David Beckham, Actor Johnny Depp and Hip- Hop Mogul P. Diddy!

Tiger Eye

Tourmaline, Onyx or Black Agate





Now we're sure there are many more but we'll stick with these few since you stuck with us through history and science! Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Jasper, Lapis, Carnelian and Sodalite are all beautiful and powerful stones. Many of these stones have healing properties ranging from; Anxiety relief, endurance boosters, protection, wealth and clarity! I mean who wouldn't want those energies on a daily basis?! 

Cam Newton Wearing Natural Stone Bracelets

So think about it! Next time you have a Dope outfit on and a big meeting, accessorize your look, calm your nerves and gain that confidence you need to crush it! And that my friends is how you Fashion Multitask! 


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