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Dog Tooth Amethyst & Other Gemstones Perfect For Emotional Healing

Dog Tooth Amethyst & Other Gemstones Perfect For Emotional Healing

If you are looking for emotional healing, there are many stones you can choose. Dog Tooth Amethyst and other gemstones are the perfect companion for becoming your best self and managing your feelings throughout the day. 

Dog Tooth Amethyst 

Dog tooth amethyst is a uniquely colored stone with a combination of white quartz and amethyst. It gets its name because of the way the stones look, much like canine teeth: white on top and dark on the bottom. 

Throughout history, Dog tooth amethyst has been used for its emotional healing and physical healing; Greek soldiers drank from cups crafted out of Dog tooth amethyst to prevent intoxication and protect themselves during battle. 

Dog tooth amethyst brings many benefits. It is known to:

  • Promote positive thinking
  • Alleviate stress
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Open you up to new experiences

Emotional Strength

Dog tooth amethyst has been said to offer courage and emotional strength to wearers or users. Wearing Dog tooth amethyst can help you make smarter decisions and remain emotionally confident in your choices. 

Much like Greek soldiers, wearing Dog tooth amethyst can bring you strength and support, something particularly useful when trying to stay away from a substance (alcohol, sugar, or other addictive things) or stick to new behaviors. 

Inner Peace

Dog tooth amethyst promotes positive thinking and, in so doing, overshadows negative thinking. This positivity helps provide inner peace. This inner peace quiets the overactive mind, helping alleviate physical tension and stress. Too often, when people are stressed or worried, they hold tension in their muscles, clenching their jaw or making fists. This type of physical stress response can make achieving emotional stability and inner peace harder. 

If you are struggling with anxiety or feeling overstimulated, Dog tooth amethyst can help you find inner peace. 


Dog tooth amethyst can help you achieve better self-growth. The stone provides inspiration and improves critical thinking. The stone's inner peace and emotional strength also helps you achieve emotional healing when dealing with unexpected life events. 

Crown Chakra

Dog tooth amethyst is associated with the crown chakra. This means it can help:

  • Enhance your emotional ability
  • Deepen your mindfulness
  • Improve your spirituality
  • Remove negative energy
  • Promote strength, willpower, and love

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a quartz gemstone, but it is pink, hence the name. It is quite popular for its translucent colors and crystal system. 

Rose quartz can help with the following:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Care for self and others
  • Connections 
  • Healing emotional wounds

Healing Emotional Wounds

Rose quartz is sometimes called the heart stone because of its connection to the heart. Wearing rose quartz can help you heal from emotional wounds or pain left behind from previous trauma. Sometimes emotional wounds come from a broken heart, after a breakup, or a fight with a loved one, moving far away from those with whom you have cultivated intimate relationships, or extenuating life circumstances. 

Not everyone realizes they are holding on to these emotional wounds, so they are allowed to fester and interfere with inner peace and self-love. With rose quartz, you can help heal these emotional wounds.

Love and Compassion

Similarly, rose quartz also helps invite more love and compassion. This isn't limited to romantic love but rather deeper compassion and care for others, no matter your relationship with them.

Wearing rose quartz can also strengthen your love and compassion toward yourself. If you need to forgive yourself for something to achieve real emotional healing, rose quartz is a great choice.

Improved Connection

If you are having trouble connecting with people, rose quartz can help. It encourages better connection by alleviating the blockages you might feel. This can take many forms. If, for example, you are quick to jealousy, have problems trusting yourself or others, or don't feel as though you are worthy of love, rose quartz can help you realign yourself, find comfort, and open yourself up to improved connections with others.

Feminine Energy

Rose quartz is heavily associated with feminine energy and the feminine divine. This goes a long way toward improving your compassion and inner peace, loving yourself and healing your emotional wounds, and lifting yourself up to the true person you are meant to be.

Heart Chakra

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. This means it can help you get rid of unwanted thoughts so that you are more emotionally stable and satisfied. It can also help you learn to deal with situations where you are not getting as much love as you want or the type of love that you prefer. 

Rose quartz can help you:

  • Offer healing love to people around you
  • Teach you to be satisfied with the love you currently have, improving your emotional healing


Amethyst has a very long history associated with mental health and emotional healing. In Greek mythology, a Titan provided Dionysus with amethyst to help him improve his mental health. It was believed that drinking from a vessel carved from amethyst would prevent ancient Romans from getting drunk, much the same as ancient Greeks drink from Dog Tooth amethyst cups. 

Alleviate Anxiety

Amethyst gemstones are said to promote calmness and alleviate anxiety or perceptions of pain. This means that wearing an amethyst gemstone throughout the day, especially when you are facing a big presentation at work or a social event full of anxiety, can help reduce your perception of anxiety and Achieve inner calm.

Improve Spirituality

Amethyst can help enhance your spiritual visions and, when placed in your home, can absorb negativity so that your environment is peaceful and more conducive to deep spiritual reflection. By blocking negativity, amethyst can leave your environment, home, office, and yourself much more positive and open to emotional healing.

Higher Thoughts

Amethyst is considered an air element, meaning wearing an amethyst gemstone can connect you to positivity and inner peace. When you achieve this positivity and inner peace, you open your emotional self up to a deeper understanding, higher thoughts, and awareness of your emotional state.

You cannot heal the mind until you first understand the mind and what blueprint you have. You cannot hope to achieve emotional healing until you better understand what emotions you need to heal, why, and how.

Crown Chakra

Amethyst is related to the crown chakra, which is responsible for spirituality. When the crown chakra is balanced, you can feel inner peace and Security in your connection to a higher power.

Amethyst can:

    • Reduce stress
    • Improve mental clarity
    • Empower you to remove negative energy
    • Focus your mind on inner peace


Kunzite comes from Afghanistan and Brazil today, though it was originally discovered in California and Connecticut. Kunzite is considered very rare and exquisite and offers many emotional healing properties. 

When choosing your emotionally healing gemstones, Kunzite is different from rose quartz because of its association with your crown and heart chakras. This means it enhances spirituality and love, particularly self-love and selfless love. 

Kunzite can help:

  • Remove trauma
  • Promote self-love
  • Improve your inner harmony
  • Heal broken hearts


Kunzite promotes self-love. It does this in many ways, like reminding you that despite difficulties or broken hearts, you can overcome any trials in your way.

Remove Trauma

Sometimes traumatic events can leave people feeling stuck, with low energy or low pressure, but Kunzite can remind you that any trouble you are facing can be overcome and that your greatest strength comes from within. This gives you the power you need to move beyond trauma, holding you back from being your best self.

Improve Inner Harmony

Kunzite is also known for strengthening your heart and leaving you open and trusting to others. This helps you build intimate connections with people and be open about what you need for proper emotional healing.

Feminine Energy

Kunzite looks like a heavenly gemstone, embodying love and feminine power. It is a whimsical stone that comes in many shades of pink and lilac, and white. Kunzite is known for its high levels of feminine energy. It has noticeable vibrations that can clear emotional blockages, particularly those associated with your heart and love.

If you struggle to adjust to something new in your life, like a change in your job, where you live, or your love life, Kunzite can help you pull yourself out of low vibrations, clear away any trauma, and achieve more positivity.

Heart and Crown Chakras

Kunzite is associated with the heart and crown chakras. This means kunzite stones can help you:

  • Achieve spiritual peace
  • Get unconditional love
  • Center yourself
  • Improve your selfless love for others
  • Improve your heart health
  • Calm your anxiety 


Rhodonite is a gemstone that gets its name from the pink and rosy red colors. It was used to decorate things like sarcophagi and bring happiness and joy during the Middle ages. Rhodonite gemstones often have a mixture of pink, scarlet, and rose red, with black veins running throughout.

Rhodonite can help you with the following:

  • Stress relief
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Strength


Rhodonite improves your self-worth and self-love. If you need to find your purpose or guidance on your current path, this stone can help you find strength and love in your plan. It can also help remove negative feelings like revenge or jealousy and instead focus on your confidence. 


Rhodonite can help you achieve inner strength by clearing away blockages in the heart. This stone is one of the most popular for emotional healing of any kind because of this. If you have experienced loss, disappointment, or grief, Rhodonite can help restore your emotional balance. It offers a helping hand during temporary unhappiness and gives you the strength to regain balance and confidence. 

Stress Relief

Rhodonite can help you avoid panic attacks. Wearing Rhodonite can heal emotional shocks from stress, supporting you during difficult times. 


Wearing Rhodonite or keeping Rhodonite around your environment can remove any emotional wounds you might hold from self-destructive behaviors or abuse. By practicing more compassion toward yourself and others, you can move beyond emotions of resentment, fear, abandonment, or anger and forgive. This allows you to be more mindful and present and experience joy in the future. 

Heart Chakra

Rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra. This means it can help:

  • Enhance your emotional ability
  • Deepen your mindfulness
  • Improve your spirituality
  • Remove negative energy
  • Promote strength, willpower, and love

No matter why you need emotional healing, there are many great gemstones. Dog Tooth Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Kunzite, and Amethyst can offer the strength, love, and support you need. 

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