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PlayHardLookDope TV Fashion Segment Raleigh, North Carolina.

PlayHardLookDope TV Fashion Segment Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh North Carolina TV appearance

Founders of Lifestyle Jewelry Brand, Jon, and Ebony showcased their new Fall Collection with Host, Joanna on CBS17 Morning Fashion Segment in Raleigh, NC. The pair brought several pieces along with their contagious personalities and admirable creative style. The Four-minute Segment included fashion and Jewelry styling tips from the Brand's Creative Director, Ebony. The enthusiastic Creative Director presented many ways to style Women's Bracelets, Rings and, Necklaces with popular Fall Fashion colors and clothing. Brand Founder, Jon showcased the Brand's popular Kyanite Natural Gemstone Bracelets as he paired them with other pieces from PlayHardLookDope's Fall Collection. For Men's Fall Fashion tips, Jon showed viewers how to easily layer Natural Gemstone Bracelets while creating the popular "Stacked" look with the designer's favorite Leather Wrap Bracelet.

PlayHardLookDope's Fall Collection is now live and available with Free Worldwide Shipping.


Watch the entire segment Below!


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