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427 Broadway New York, NY 10013

427 Broadway New York, NY 10013

Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm

Sat, 10am-8pm

Sun, 11am-7pm


Will My Jewelry Fade or Rust?

Stainless Steel will not Rust or Fade. Stainless Steel, because of it's alloying elements does not react to outside environmental elements. Yes, you can wear your Dope jewelry in the shower or on the beach and not have to worry about it tarnishing. Stainless Steel contains Iron, Chromium, Manganese and Carbon.

How Do I Clean My Jewelry?

Your Stainless Steel jewelry can simply be cleaned by adding vinegar, baking soda and warm water in a bowl. Mix well, until a paste is formed then with a cloth, dip into mixed solution and wipe jewelry. Use dry cloth to finish.

Can My Jewelry be Engraved or Customized? 

We at PHLD do not offer customizations. However, with our product being of 316L High- Grade Stainless Steel engraving can be sustained! Our 316L High- Grade Stainless Steel Link Bracelets can be taken out for perfect sizing.

How Long Will My Jewelry Last?

We stand behind our product and fully ensure it will last a lifetime given the proper care.

What Is Stainless Steel Made Of?

Stainless Steel is made up of Steel mixed with properties such as, Chromium, Aluminum and Carbon.

What Is The Difference between Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel?

Sterling Silver contains 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. Sterling Silver WILL tarnish due to the copper content. Stainless Steel is resistant to rust, oxidation and discoloration. Stainless Steel is also not plated. 

What Is 316L High- Grade Stainless Steel?

316L High- Grade Stainless Steel has basic corrosion resistance and extremely high hardness and wear resistance. It combines moderate corrosion resistance with high strength and moderate toughness.

After I've Placed an Order, How Long Until It Ships?

Orders typically ship within 12 hours of order being placed.

My Jewelry Isn't As Dope As I Hoped, Can I Return It?

We are extremely passionate about our handcrafted jewelry and work 24/7 to ensure you love your dope product and are part of the movement. That being said sometimes it doesn't work out and we understand that. Returns are accepted within 7 business days of receiving your dope product.

Where Is PlayHardLookDope Based? 

PlayHardLookDope is proudly based in Manhattan, NY.

I Saw A Dope Piece on Instagram but It's Not On The Site, What Can I Do?

Keeping up with the PHLD lifestyle is no easy task, so much so that we fall behind! In this case, visit our Instagram and send us a DM or Check out our Facebook and contact us from there, and if all else fails visit us in person at our Dope Pop- up Store located at 427- 429 Broadway Manhattan, NY, 10012.