Blue Dragon Vein Balinese Natural Gemstone Bracelet


Blue Dragon Vein Balinese Natural Gemstone Bracelet


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  • 8mm Stone Size
  • Seamless, Same-color Wire
  • Hardness, 6.5-7
  • Gemstone Family, Agate
  • Made from Dragon Natural Stone
  • Cruelty-Free Authentic
  • Mined in, Africa

Healing Benefits:
Release your hidden talents and natural gifts with the help of this stunning Handcrafted Dragon Vein Agate bracelet. Dragon Vein Agate Natural Stone is creatively colored with each individual stone formed by filling a cavity in its host rock. This natural process creates a beautifully transparent energy transferer. Enjoy this unique bracelet — which is available with grey, purple, or blue dragon vein agate beads — with no two stones resembling one another while aligning your spiritual chakras. Dragon Vein has also been known to balance physical, emotional, and intellectual energies.

*Please Note
No two stones are EVER alike and your one-of-a-kind, handmade, Natural Stone Bracelet will have small variations from the image due to every stone forming in its own way naturally. 

All our products are shipped in our special black box package with elegant ribbon. 


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