Chrysocolla Natural Gemstone Bracelet


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    • Seamless, Same-color Wire
    • Hardness, 2-4
    • Gemstone Family, Copper Quartz
    • Made from Chrysocolla Natural Stone
    • Cruelty-Free Authentic 
    • Mined in, Peru

Product Description:
Experience striking ocean-themed tones with our Chrysocolla Natural Stone Bracelet. This bracelet features solid round beads of natural potent glossed finished Chrysocolla. Accessorize your wrist with the unique fluid color pallet boasted in each individual stone while embodying all it has to offer your mind, body, and spirit. Ethically sourced from Chile, Chrysocolla is known to ground you during situations that are constantly changing in your life. Seeking further needs, this purposeful stone reverses destructive programming, providing a lifetime of benefits for suffers from anxiety.

*Please Note. No two stones are EVER alike and your one-of-a-kind, handmade, Natural Stone Bracelet will have small variations from the image due to every stone forming in its own way naturally. 

To help provide a visual scale for how large the stones are, we compared each stone size to a standard U.S. dime.

Stone Sizes

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