Stainless Steel Star Weave Magnetic Link Bracelet

<img src="IMG_9953.JPG" alt="Stainless-Steel-Star-Weave-magnetic-Link-Bracelet">
<img src="IMG_9953.JPG" alt="Stainless-Steel-Star-Weave-magnetic-Link-Bracelet">

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Our Star Weave magnetic link bracelet is made of 316L High-Grade Stainless Steel with a smoky gunmetal finish that embodies the Rock N Roll and Rockstar lifestyle. Designed with a unique weaving allows this accessory to breathe while being worn. It's alloying properties restrict this bracelet from oxidizing (reacting to heat and water), therefore you will have a lasting experience. This bracelet accessory is available in (8 inches) with a (6.5mm) link width and a double strength magnetic clasp. Bracelet in the photo is (8 inches, 6.5mm link width)


Made from 316L High-Grade Stainless Steel

Will not Tarnish or Oxidize

Double Strength Magnetic Clasp

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.


Accessorizing is more than a ring here, a bracelet there. It's more than just for special occasions. And it's damn sure more than a subtle wrist watch. Accessorizing is about expressing what your clothes cannot say, what your personality does not show and what your mouth dares to speak. And today, accessorizing is no longer just about adding to your wardrobe, it's about adding to your lifestyle.

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