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PHLD was founded in early 2017 by its CEO, Jon Nelsen. Jon's venture prior to PHLD was to start Our Name Is Mud and sell it a few years later. Our Name Is Mud was a widely successful retail company with its products sold in over 9,000 retail locations throughout the USA and Canada. PHLD was started when Jon and Ebony realized there was a tremendous void in Men's fashion jewelry. We searched for Dope accessories that Jon wanted to wear, but couldn't find much of a selection. We also wanted something we could both wear when out on the town together. There were limited options and Jon grew frustrated. With his frustration was born PlayHardLookDope. The couple took it upon themselves to bring a streetwear lifestyle to jewelry, make it affordable and of course, Dope. A playful couple that always wanted to have fun realized they had some serious but fun work to do, hence the name PlayHardLookDope.


First of all, I have to thank Jon for doing a sold favor of men by launching and keeping PHLD tight. Jon always have been genuinely nice and friendly to all of his customers. This brand has a lot to offer for bot men and women for stylish yet affordable accessories. I still wear my naturual stone bracelets and rings from PHLD till this day Ever since 2018. Keep going my man, Jon! Cheers! “I will always be your buddy” ;)

Tim Park March 21, 2020

Jon and Ebony are so kind and down to earth. I bought a gold bangle with diamonds set in it. I wear my bracelet with every outfit, every day. It works so well with all of my outfits that there’s no need to take it off. Keep doing your thing Jon and Ebony! <3

Connor Sokal February 22, 2020

Jon’s stuff is the real deal. Finally someone who gets men’s jewelry fashion and something that is cool, makes a statement and is fun to wear. Been looking all over for men’s jewelry like this and finally Jon brought out Play Hard Look Dope. Only place I’ll be going.

Kevin Elden August 25, 2019

I wear the bracelet I brought awhile ago, with almost every fit, and the prices are really affordable! Which makes it even better to continue to buy things from PLHLD

Leroy December 04, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this site for what seems like ages. Killer rings and bracelets. Bring it on.

dAb December 03, 2018

PHLD… made me get out of my “comfort zone” with Men’s jewelry after stumbling upon your stuff in the city … everyone loves what I wear! JRP

john pierce December 03, 2018

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