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Everything You Need To Know About Tigers Eye Gemstone!

Everything You Need To Know About Tigers Eye Gemstone!

Tiger's eye is a metamorphic rock that comes in many different shades and colors. It is opaque in color and falls under the mineral class of quartz or chalcedony. With a silky luster, Tiger's Eye forms over other minerals, like crocidolite, until it replaces it with dense fibers that create natural striations of beautiful colors in the gems. You often find streaks or overtones of yellow or brown in tiger's eye, but if you are lucky enough to have a rare version like blue or green, you will find the same type of striations and streets naturally composed in the luster of the stone.

Where Is Tigers Eye Found? 

Tiger's eye is a very unique gemstone so it absolutely stands out no matter where you are or how you wear it. The biggest source of tiger's eye around the world is in South Africa along the northern Cape province. The deposits in South Africa are so large that they have contributed almost single-handedly to the affordability of certain colors like yellow, red, or brown.

There are also many other locations that have discovered tiger's eye such as Namibia, India, Thailand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Almost all of these locations specialize in a particular type of Tigers Eye, one or two different colors.

Is Tigers Eye Expensive 


Tiger's eye is both expensive and inexpensive. Confusing as this might be, there are different types of Tigers Eye stones and some are more rare than others. For example, Blue Tigers Eye is very rare and therefore it is very expensive. Similarly, honey tiger's eye is equally rare and as such equally expensive. But there are other versions that are more commonly found light brown tiger's eye which was the original stone that inspired the name, or red tiger's eye. These stones no matter how they are used are more commonly mined around the world and found in more mines around the world that they are often more affordable. 

Does Tigers Eye have a spiritual meaning? 

Yes, tiger's eye has a great deal of spiritual meaning. Tiger's eye is known for its healing properties. The yellow gold color of the brown tiger's eye or the honey tiger's eye instills clear thinking, confidence, and willpower, helping with your personal life. Many people turn to tiger's eye no matter the variety to help detox the blood, to bring about good luck, courage, confidence, and emotional centeredness.

What Are The Different Types Of Tigers Eye? 

There are many different types of Tigers Eye, like multi-colored tiger's eye, yellow and gold tiger's eye, Blue Tigers Eye, and red tiger's eye. The different names typically refer to the different color patterns you might get in a given gemstone but each come with different spiritual meanings and are found in different locations. 

Brown Tigers Eye 

Where Is It Found? 

Brown Tiger's eye has been mined in Africa but has also come up in Australia, Brazil, in areas of the United States. 

Spiritual meaning? 

Brown Tigers eye can help you remain safe when you perceive danger, improve your creative endeavors, and overall help you remain grounded.

Red Tigers Eye

Where Is It Found? 

The majority of red tiger's eye is found in South Africa as well as Western Australia. 

Spiritual meaning? 

Red tiger’s eye is highly regarded for strengthening in your body force and improving your energy. When you wear tiger’s eye, you can use it to ground yourself and to aid your root chakra. This stone helps you slow down, achieve balance where your energy is concerned, and live in the moment. 

Blue Tigers Eye


Where Is It Found? 

Blue Tigers Eye has been found in very large deposits throughout Brazil, India, Canada, and Namibia.

Spiritual meaning? 

Blue Tigers Eye is sometimes referred to as Hawk's Eye. It has a natural green, blue, gray color to it that improves your clarity and gives you a better perspective like that achieved from a hawk flying overhead. Blue Tigers Eye is known to strengthen your will and improve your courage, perfect for someone who needs extra confidence whether that is heading into a job interview or attending a social event for dinner. This level of hawkeye perspective can help you make difficult decisions and continually look at the bigger picture in otherwise complex situations.

Golden Tigers Eye 

Where Is It Found? 

Golden tigers eye is found almost primarily in South Africa with a few gemstones located in Australia and India. 

Spiritual meaning? 

Golden Tigers Eye improves your level of peace. The golden yellow coloring in this particular gemstone brings together the energy of the Earth and the sun which helps you really act upon your intuition, release any fear or introversion you might have. What's more, wearing this stone can support your third chakra.

Honey Tigers Eye 

Where Is It Found? 

Honey tiger's eye is some of the rarest you will find and it has been found throughout the African continent in countries like South Africa and Namibia, as well as East Asia. 

Spiritual meaning? 

Honey Tigers eye can release your fear and allow you to see the interconnectedness of things around you. Wearing this type of tiger's eye in your day-to-day life can help your ego remain balanced while also helping your physical self remain grounded.

How To Spot Fake Tigers Eye? 


Spotting fake tiger's eye can be challenging depending on the color you are looking into. Tiger's Eye usually has multiple color hues in a single piece so it's likely that, for example, a piece of red Tigers eye will have a small but very distinct red streak in the center of a duller color. Specimens that are completely red all the way around without any streaks or variation are likely to be fake. The same is true of the light blue tigers eye, called Hawks eye. This is rare but it typically has a grey blue hue to it, not a solid or dark blue.

A good rule of thumb is, if you see a bright color all the way through the entire gemstone with no striations or variations, it's probably fake. Natural stones come with more imperfections and color variation.

Where Did Tigers Eye Get Its Name From? 

Just as you might expect, tiger's eye gets its name because of how similar the opalescent golden brown color is to that of a literal tiger's eye. Of course there are many different colors and types of tiger's eye but they still bear a striking resemblance to the slit design of a feline eyeball.

What can tigers eye be used for? 

Throughout history, tiger's eye has been used for many things. People have worn these stones as talismans while traveling on business to help them remain safe and secure and see through any of their negative emotions.

There are other tales of tiger's eye being given to soldiers on the battlefield to help them overcome their anxiety and their fear.

Because there are many spiritual properties associated with enforcing and improving your mental strength, tiger's eye can be used as an amulet, a bracelet, necklace, or earring worn to any event where you might need a little extra confidence, mental balance, or strength, like a business interview, a social evening with friends for someone who is otherwise an introvert, or a trip into town for a concert. 

Tiger's eye can be used for anything ranging from cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, and rings for men as well as pins, bracelets, rings, and necklaces for women. It is an inexpensive gemstone depending on the color and is regularly crafted into beads for necklaces and bracelets as well as pendants. Gemstone cuts are not as common but can be found occasionally in larger jewelry or floral pins.

Why is Tigers Eye so popular? 

Since its discovery Tigers Eye has been one of the most popular gems. The ancient Chinese believed that the tiger was the protector against evil and as such, tiger's eye provided a direct connection to Tigers. The gem was typically carved into amulets and jewelry and then worn by people who wanted to protect themselves from bad spirits.


It was widely believed in ancient Egypt that wearing a bracelet with these stones embodied the rays of the Sun, a tribute to the sun god, and a symbol of overwhelming life force. Pharaohs wore tiger's eye jewelry to improve their strength and their vitality. In fact, a great deal of tiger's eye jewelry has been uncovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. 

But they weren't the only people who loved this particular gem. The ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks believed that it would harness their focus and give them extra protection. It was common for Roman soldiers to wear a tiger's eye amulet when they went into battle. It was believed that this stone provided the wearer with the character traits of a tiger, that of patience, critical thinking, and bravery. Wearing Tigers eye could help soldiers remain fearless.

Even today wearers know that tiger's eye provides that same type of strength, the same positive feline attributes, and the courage necessary to remain even-keeled and clear of thought, focused on your purpose without fear holding you back.

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