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Sterling Silver Moldavite Rings

7 Moldavite Questions Answered!!!


Moldavite is a natural glass theoretically formed as a result of the heat from an asteroid impact 15 million years ago. Moldavite comes from Europe along the Ries and Steinheim craters formed 15 million years ago. It has continued to gain popularity as many people believe it came to Earth to help the planet transcend its current state, and that wearing it today can help you transcend yours.

1. Can Moldavite be used for healing?

Moldavite can be used for healing. In fact, it has so many benefits that many people purchase moldavite jewelry or gemstones specifically for healing:


  • With Moldavite, you can help release suppressed trauma
  • Wearing moldavite or having moldavite gemstones can clear blockages within your body
  • Moldavite can help support your spiritual healing
  • You can use moldavite to activate and cleanse any blockages in your heart chakra
  • Moldavite stone can move energy that's otherwise stagnant in your body
  • Moldavite helps you activate forgiveness
  • Wearing Moldavite or having Moldavite in your home can empower you, strengthen your self-awareness and your acceptance

Note: Moldavite can feel very powerful for some people and even if you have the best of intentions and you want to use it for healing, you might not be able to wear it full time. You might have to start wearing your

Moldavite jewelry or gemstones for just a few hours every other day or once a week, whatever feels right for your body and your mind.


2. What Chakra does Moldavite heal or pair with best?

Moldavite pairs well with your heart chakra. Moldavite is known for its incredible healing powers, and many believe that the gemstone can be used to activate your heart chakra and clear any intense emotions.

Your heart chakra serves as the center of your love, the place where you store your emotional trauma. So, if you use Moldavite, it can be used to help you clear out the pathways of your heart chakra, tapping into emotions and events that you have kept buried like resentment, anger, or insecurities. You can renew your heart chakra by wearing Moldavite jewelry and once you have ripped off the Band-Aid of clearing that chakra you will enjoy increased optimism and joy.

3. Who should use Moldavite?

Moldavite is a very transformational stone that people can use not just for healing but for transforming actions, thoughts, and personalities. The impact of Moldavite is believed to be long-lasting. This means it's not something that should be taken lightly.


    1. Moldavite can help you bring change to your life.
    2. Moldavite can help you release suppressed positive or negative emotions. If you are an empath, be aware that you might feel all of these emotions significantly stronger than someone else wearing the same type of moldavite jewelry.
    3. Moldavite can bring you clarity and help you determine whether you should truly gravitate toward change. For this reason, many people use it when trying to determine whether a career path or a relationship choice is best for them.


  1. Moldavite can help you access any previous lives and remove blockages or deal with trauma from those past lives.

Moldavite can be used to make your emotions more realistic, and to help you evaluate your thoughts, your actions, and your decision-making. Moldavite is considered one of the most powerful crystals and proper use of it can help you strengthen your thought processes, do away with negative thoughts, and strengthen your voice. However, given its level of power, it should not be used by someone who doesn't already have good control over their emotions and their actions.

Moldavite should be used for healing, self-expression, truth-seeking, or just stylish jewelry by adults. It's very powerful and should be used by someone in a mature position who can recognize the extent of the power and moderate it accordingly.

Men and women benefit from Moldavite, especially men or women who are looking for clarity and want to use the moldavite stone to gain insight into relationships.

4. Can Moldavite be dangerous?

Moldavite is known to contain a powerful amount of energy and when you activate a moldavite gemstone, you can trigger even more power from it.

This power or energy is what most people associate with danger.

Moldavite is known to have many great powers especially given the fact that it was created by a meteorite impact. Such an impact has imbued the stone with a great deal of energy and power. To that end, some people worry that moldavite is dangerous and that you should be afraid to touch it or be near it simply because it has such an intense amount of energy.


In fact, some people have named the sensation of warmth that they feel after wearing moldavite the "moldavite flush". This is a sensation that flows throughout your body and can be very overwhelming. Some people love it, and others feel that it is dangerous.

But is it actually dangerous?

Greater power should be used responsibly and if you are wearing moldavite you need to be conscientious of the fact that it can arouse great healing within you. However, as anyone who's ever come out the other side of a traumatic experience or a serious physical injury nose, healing can be painful.

Wearing moldavite or having a moldavite stone in your house might release old emotions but you have kept them buried and this can feel very similar to removing a scab. That said, just the same as a scab invariably has to come off to reveal the new skin underneath, moldavite can be used to clear blockages in your chakra and help you overcome old emotions that you've been ignoring.

5. Should Moldavite be worn or kept in and around your house?

Oversized Moldavite Necklace

Moldavite can be worn as jewelry or kept in your house. Most people recommend wearing necklaces with Moldavite stone so that you can keep them physically close to your heart chakra.

Wearing Moldavite

    • Wearing Moldavite jewelry can help you activate suppressed emotions like sadness or fear and subsequently trigger a strong emotional release by letting go of those suppressed emotions. You might even find that after wearing your Moldavite jewelry for even a few minutes you take to laughing or crying in relief.
    • Wearing Moldavite jewelry can allow you to open your eyes and your mind to your legitimate feelings, not fake feelings. This can help you realize whether your friendships or your relationship are as rewarding as you pretend, they are and determine when you need to make changes in your life.
    • Moldavite can help remove energy blockages in your body, tackling unexplainable pains, muscle tightness, or joint stiffness. Wearing Moldavite when you exercise or stretch can help release energy throughout the body.

Moldavite in the Home

  • Similarly, if you do yoga or you meditate at home, having Moldavite stones simply around your house can reap similar benefits by triggering a release of blocked energy in the entire space and your body.
  • The triggering of released energy and the ability to activate suppressed emotions or to open your mind to your true self can be equally useful when you have significant others, children, friends, or family in your home. As such, many people find that keeping Moldavite gemstones just around the house can achieve all of these whenever anyone else enters their home.

6. Should I be afraid to touch or be near Moldavite?

Moldavite might look like it's straight out of a Superman film because it almost is, but it is perfectly safe to hold, touch, and wear. Even though it might have a unique color that looks somewhat similar to radioactive waste, it is not toxic, nor will it make you sick.

Most people who wear Moldavite or touch Moldavite have an emotional connection to it so long as it's genuine and not fake. However, every person responds differently to stones and the same is true of Moldavite. You can hold it in your hand, touch it, or be near it without fear but just know that holding it or wearing it might render an overwhelming response emotionally or psychologically.

Nonetheless, you are always in control of your emotions and it's up to you to monitor the way crystals and gemstones interact with your energy, to be cautious of where you put moldavite in your home, how often you wear it, or how regularly you touch it.

7. Is it true that Moldavite finds you and that you shouldn't go looking for it?

Some people believe that moldavite is a high vibration crystal and because of its origins, it can release a powerful array of healing frequencies and spiritual frequencies which some people might feel drawn to. For this reason, some users will argue that moldavite will find you when the time is right, and you shouldn't go looking for it.

However, if you are interested in moldavite or are doing any research about wearing moldavite or keeping it in your home, chances are that the spiritual and healing frequencies of the stone have already found you.

Overall, Moldavite is a great stone for people who want to amplify their vibrations, to better meditate and gain insight into their emotions. The metaphysical properties associated with moldavite are believed to help one transcend time and explore past lives, past traumas, and past emotions to heal the mind, body, and soul completely. Offering a heightened sense of self-awareness, people can help clear any blockages within them by wearing moldavite jewelry.


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