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How To Style Bold Gemstone Jewelry

How To Style Bold Gemstone Jewelry

Top Secret: For Jewelry lovers only!

Everywhere we turn we’re shown dainty, delicate jewelry. Jewelry for the “every day” is what it’s called. These are all small pieces that don’t overshadow your wardrobe.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s nice, it’s, minimal, it’s underwhelming and, sometimes that’s ok, sometimes that’s what we want. 

But, in a world full of minimalists, it’s ok to be a MAXIMALIST! 

Jewelry doesn’t have to be small and quiet. Your jewelry can be bold, loud, and intimidating to anyone who finds a beautiful oversized Malachite Beaded bracelet “ a bit too much”. 

While there’s nothing wrong with either jewelry style or preference, there is a lack of support and guidance for the bold jewelry wearers! And that’s where we come in! 

In this blog, you’ll learn unique ways to style bold gemstone bead jewelry! You’ll get expert tips from jewelry stylists and designers on how to maximize your oversized gem bracelets, rings, and necklaces. We love small statements but, sometimes bold statements are necessary!

Today, women are more or less guided to wear small jewelry pieces from big brands. So prevalent is this guidance that it has become the norm for women everywhere, falsely believing that bigger is no longer better. But styling big jewelry for fans of bold statements is easier than it. In fact, it requires you to care less about matching everything, which can be a big relief for the modern generation of jewelry wearers who want to show off all of their favorite pieces at once rather than one at a time. That said, it’s time to get down to business. 

1. How to style Bold Gemstone Bracelets

When you want to make a statement with your wrists, consider layering bold gemstones. Also known as creating a stack, you can easily create symmetry with different size beads. If you are going for the stack, then you want to combine the different sizes so that you have the bigger beads in the back. 

In the photo above, a model is wearing a bold bead bracelet stack that speaks to any season. 

Here, you can see a wonderful combination of Granite and Carnelian bracelet.

Luxury bead stacks come in many different varieties, featuring large and small gemstones combined to enhance the layered look.

*Style Tip! Natural stone colors of neutral design mix well with the range of blues and greens seen here. 

The luxury chunky bead stack featured below fills the arm with a range of color, bringing to the eye a relaxing, Earthy array of stones each with natural marbling in the gemstones. 


Alternatively, you can simply pull off one single bold piece by pairing it with a subtle outfit.

*Style Tip! Wearing just one statement piece as a bracelet is significant, especially in wearing a bunch of small pieces to create the same effect. It all comes down to what you are wearing, and how you are feeling. 


For example: you can wear two oversized Rose Quartz bracelets with an oversized Kunzite bracelet like you see on the model giving your arm a textured feel. But if you want to draw attention to the outfit more than the accessories, then a single bold bracelet is key, especially something that offers a lot of color. 

Of course, if you want to be bold, but don’t want to overwhelm your arm with a stack, there are simpler options like the Luxury Malachite Bracelet, large in its own right and stunning in blues and greens. 

Malachite can be combined with Kambaba Jasper jeweled bracelets too, for a larger, bolder mixture that draws the eye and accents simpler, neutral clothes. 


Don’t think that these stacks are just for Women either! Males can make a statement with bracelet stacks, especially stunning colors of browns, creams, blacks, and blues. 

In this image, you can see a range of Blue Stacked Bracelets for men; not everything has to be a beaded gemstone bracelet, it can include a range of small to large beaded bracelets as well as chunky bracelets and even smaller gemstones. 

Men can also make a bold statement with a mixture of orange and browns like a tigers eye and red tigers eye bracelet.

*Style Tip! When mixed with leather strapped bracelets this makes for a casual male stack, perfect for a Fall afternoon in the park, a casual party with friends, or a day at the office. 

Autumn is the perfect time for men and women to downplay their ensemble with an oversized sweater paired with large, chunky bracelets that speak to the color scheme of fall foliage like tiger's eye mixed with Carnelian and Fire Agate bracelets. 

2. How to style bold Gemstone Rings 

Wearing an oversized statement ring piece brings with it power. It offers a chance for you to express who you are, your bold character. Moreover, it serves a statement, creating a lasting WOW factor. 

Look at that WOW factor! This image shows a stunning Crystal Quartz Drusy Ring that is large enough to draw attention no matter what room you are in. 

Bold gemstone rings are suitable for any occasion. If you are heading out on a date, you can be subtle with a single aura quartz ring. This ring offers a unique shape to the gemstone which, when juxtaposed by the black button down top is perfect for a job interview, date, or a meeting. 

Or, take a note from the stacked bracelets idea and layer every other finger with a literal handful of Aurora Quartz Rings!

*Style Tip! If you have a casual dinner party to attend, consider an Aurora Quartz Ring and Drusy Ring combination. 

*Style Tip! Heading in for a job interview? You can mix and match any number of bold rings to add a dash of color and style to an otherwise formal outfit, showing your future bosses that you are stylish and serious.

A mix of Chalcedony, Hiddenite, and Aqua Quartz each tell a tale on their own, but combined, make your hand a statement piece of bluish creamy hues.  

3. How to style bold Gemstone Necklaces

Don’t stop with just the hands and wrists. Think about the neckline too!

For your bold gemstone necklaces, there are many ways one could wear and layer necklaces. 

For instance, necklace layering has become quite popular. Instead of just wearing one single strand, with an understated gemstone in the center of a long metal chain, people are expressing themselves through the necklace equivalent of stacked gemstone jewelry. 

*Style Tip! You can wear bead necklaces with casual shirts, formal wear, and even use them to make a dramatic expression. 

The model above is taking layered necklaces to a whole new level, combining the subtlety of one bold gemstone ring with smaller, stacked Jade Gemstone Bracelets which all work together to complement the layered Jade Gemstone Necklaces. The black lace top mixed with slacks means an outfit perfect for a date or a casual dinner party with friends.


You can pair your look with an off the shoulder casual top like that featured in the photo above. This model is using the monochrome schematics of multiple stacked Onyx Gemstone Necklaces for her sweater, mixed with a single stack of boldly colored bracelets to bring everything together. 

What’s great about bold statement pieces of gemstone necklaces is that you can make the outfits up as you go along. You don’t have to overthink what you want to wear, but instead, can pull together simple, elegant and casual looks from your wardrobe complete with printed or plaid shirts, jeans, or just a black top; no matter what outfit you use as your pair, you can wear any outfit when you are combining clothes with bold gemstone necklaces and you are sure to impress!

Don’t let your bold pieces take a backseat because you’ve seen one-too-many Instagram posts with several small rings and bracelets on a beautiful model. Bold jewelry can be worn any day and in any way. So, why are you still here? Go pile on and post it! 

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