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African American female with shaved hair style wearing a black crop top sweater from Zara and black ripped jeans from TopShop. Caucasian model wearing black hoodie with blue jeans from TrueReligion displaying an assortment of gold stainless steel chains

Behind The Scenes In Chinatown

If you've been a part of the PHLD family, then you know we love coming up with new curated content for our Lifestyle Accessories Brand, newsletter and social media platforms and our last shoot is no different! CEO, Jon Nelsen and Creative Director Ebony Mackey had a blast on location in Chinatown, Manhattan with our Dope friend and photographer, Stephen J Mihalchik. We braved the cold and raced against natural daylight to get the ” perfect shots ”. Enjoy this Dope video Stephen created for us and be on the lookout for more Dopeness!

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