From Dull To Dope In 3 Steps

Caucasian model wearing gold 316L high grade stainless steel bracelets stacked handmade and designed by PlayHardLookDope on his wrist holding a retail store display in chinatown manhattan

The holidays are here and if you still don't have your wardrobe accessories for the season together yet, don't flip we've got you! Not all of us are fortunate enough to have that stylist eye, so we've come up with some tips on how to put together those themed looks that take you from Dull to Dope.

  1. Bracelets Are Your Neutral Go-To

We're all aware of neutral tones, and how they play into our daily wardrobes, decoration and our aesthetic lives around us. Well, the same goes for bracelets in fashion. Bracelets, like gray or nudes pretty much go with anything you put on. So, if you're having trouble finishing that business causal look for the office get together, or want something to pair with your watch, bracelets will do the job.

You're probably wondering what type of bracelet. That's a little tricky and not to mention a longer conversation, but for the sake of being neutral, Natural Stone bracelets are perfect and very unique in design. If that's not your style then go for a simple, stainless steel link bracelet.

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2. There's Plenty Variety in Rings

Hopefully, you're not one of those guys who's afraid everyone will think you're married if you wear a ring. If you are, totally skip this section and sort out your inner issues. As for the rest of you, rings are great for outfit completion. Think about how much our hands are on display, now think about how much you accessorize them... Talk about a tipping scale. 

Caucasian model wearing silver skull head and lion head silver 316L high- grade stainless steel rings holding a fountain stand outside in chinatown manhattan rings handmade and designed by playhardlookdope

Rings are perfect for when you have to accessorize. Not sure where to start - keep it simple with a Stainless Steel band for your thumb or middle finger. If you have the wrist game down and you're ready for the next step, choose a statement ring for the cocktail party and look dapper holding your drink.

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3. Drop the Tie and Grab a Dope Necklace

Nothing else makes a statement like a Dope necklace. Sure ties are usually the statement makers, but you didn't come this far to be usual. Necklaces are trendy because you can create an entire look around them. It might seem weird starting your look with a necklace but by doing so you've already made your point - adding the clothes are easy now. Think about it, if you choose a pendant necklace, add a simple V - neck and jeans to match- you're done! Also, the Dopest part about necklaces are that you can tuck them in for a more modest or accent look.

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  • Melissa

    Love the idea of men using rings and necklaces as accent/statement pieces. Why should women have all the fun?! Adding accessories shows an attention to detail and that’s what makes a man memorable…

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